Zen and the Art of Spiritual Maintenance – Day #21

Contributed by Suzi Craig, Chief Strategy Officer How can a spiritual practice support your mental health? That’s the question we asked some local Connecticut spiritual leaders and they also shared how this work impacts them personally. As we are exploring in our #31DaysofWellness, there are multiple paths to supporting your wellbeing, from art to gardening… Read more »

Telling Tales: Deidre – Day #19

Contributed by: Janet Reynolds Deidre credits God and her faith with helping her in her daily life generally and in her mental health journey particularly. “My faith has helped me by giving me something to hold on to,” she says. “Even at my lowest point, I’ll pray, listen to gospel music. I always hear from… Read more »

Making Whole Health Care a Priority in CT – Day #18

“We are different industries but have very similar values between our organizations,” said Luis Perez, President and CEO of Mental Health Connecticut during a special virtual conversation with Eric Galvin, President of ConnectiCare, a community partner and the top sponsor of MHC’s #31DaysofWellness campaign. We are pleased to share the below in-depth conversation between two… Read more »

Open Heart, Open Mind: Active Listening – Day #17

Contributed by: Jackie Davis, MHC StoryKeeper In January 2020, I was part of the team that created and launched the MHC StoryKeepers campaign. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a StoryKeeper is an individual who has pledged to Be There, Listen, and Protect the stories they are told. Everyone has a story to tell… Read more »