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Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) envisions a future where wellbeing is rooted in respect for the condition of being human. We get closer to realizing this future vision each day through our mission of partnering with individuals, families, and communities to create environments that support long-term health and wellness.

In our world, “environment” has many meanings, from a welcoming, safe home and other physical spaces to the conditions that allow an individual to thrive, strengthen social connections, and achieve goals. Every day at MHC amazing possibilities become reality when our program participants are supported for who they are and how they see the world, instead of the diagnosis or limitations that can become so intricately tied to someone’s identity.

MHC ‘s core areas of focus: Advocacy, Education, and Service are a part of Connecticut’s community-based system of mental health and wellness that we helped build over 100 years ago. In 1908, Clifford Beers founded MHC and began his personal journey to bring the world of mental illness out from behind the shadows of institution-only care.

Today, like all organizations focused on supporting individuals with lived experience, we are trauma-informed and person-centered. We use only evidence-based and best practices in a recovery model approach to care, which means we help individuals obtain a safe home, activate whole health living, find fulfillment and purpose, and become actively engaged in the community. 

CARFMHC’s treatment programs are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Accreditation is the result of rigorous reviews and certifies that MHC conforms to nationally and internationally recognized service standards focused on quality and effectiveness.

CARF’s accreditation process is conducted by peer surveyors during an on-site survey. Accreditation is an ongoing process that distinguishes a provider’s services delivery and signals to the public that the provider is committed to continuous performance improvement, responsive to feedback, and accountable to the community and its other stakeholders.

Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health
The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is a distinction awarded by Mental Health America (MHA) to companies who meet the standards for a mentally healthy workplace. Mental Health Connecticut’s status as a Platinum Bell Seal-certified organization demonstrates our outstanding commitment to employee mental health and well-being. To learn more visit: mhanational.org/bestemployers.

Clifford W. Beers
MHC is the result of the vision of Clifford W. Beers (right). In the early 1900s, Beers was experiencing symptoms of what today may be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder. After attempting suicide, Beers was subjected to ineffective treatments and cruel conditions in Connecticut’s mental health institutions during three years of hospitalizations. Upon achieving recovery, Beers vowed to make a difference in the mental health system and set out on the task of reform. His autobiography, A Mind That Found Itself, chronicled the harsh and unscientific treatments he had endured and his journey back to health.

In conjunction with the first publication of his book in 1908, Beers launched the “Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene” (now known as MHC) from his home in New Haven, Connecticut.

As a result of Beers’ passion and persuasion, the “National Society for Mental Hygiene” was formed in 1909, which is today known as Mental Health America. In 1913, the Clifford Beers Clinic in New Haven was established and became the first outpatient mental health clinic in the US.

MHC works every day to realize Beers’ vision to improve the mental health service system, increase understanding of mental health and wellness, and promote recovery for people with mental health conditions.


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We would like to thank everyone who supports Mental Health Connecticut. Without your generosity, we would not have been able to assist our clients in their recovery, advocate at the state and national levels for mental health equity in our health care laws, and provide information and referrals to the thousands of people who call us seeking help. We are truly grateful for your support.

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Our administrative office is located at 61 South Main Street, Suite 100 in West Hartford, CT.

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Board of Directors

board of directors

Each individual member of our Board of Directors plays an important part in helping Mental Health Connecticut fulfill its mission and safeguard its growth for the future. The Board is responsible for defining the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction.

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Together we can do more to help individuals with mental health conditions live happy, productive lives. Your one-time, monthly, or annual donation will help drive the mission of MHC. Together we will make a difference.