Launched in 2022, we only scratched the surface of this topic. Recognizing the significance, in 2024 we are dedicated to reopening the conversation on mental health and stigma, because we believe that the journey to mental well-being should never have to be faced alone.

Each year for the Let’s Face It campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month, we embark on a mission to spotlight Connecticut residents, each with a unique story, to shed light on the impact of stigma and how they navigated their path towards healing and growth.

Why focus on stigma? Because it’s pervasive, taking on various forms, and we firmly believe that its power diminishes when faced head-on. By sharing these compelling stories, our aim is to spark more conversations. We want to foster a greater understanding of the individuality inherent in each person’s mental wellness journey. Through these conversations, we hope to contribute to creating a safer and kinder Connecticut.