About Us

Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) envisions a future where wellbeing is rooted in respect for the condition of being human. We get closer to realizing this future vision each day through our mission of partnering with individuals, families, and communities to create environments that support long-term health and wellness.

In our world, “environment” has many meanings, from a welcoming, safe home and other physical spaces to the conditions that allow an individual to thrive, overcome barriers, strengthen social connections, and achieve goals. In programs and policy, MHC advocates for system-wide change through the use of Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Humility, and other equity-based frameworks.

Overall, we believe that the abstraction of community-wide wellbeing is tangible, and that mental wellness is attained by individuals when root causes and obstacles are addressed through unified efforts.

Striving for Excellence

MHC supports individuals with lived experience as a trauma-informed and person-centered organization. We use only evidence-based and best practices in a recovery model approach to care, which means we help individuals obtain a safe home, activate whole health living, find fulfillment and purpose, and become actively engaged in the community.

Central to MHC’s mission and workplace culture is promoting and practicing cultural humility and competency, anti-racism, and allyship. We meet people where they are and work together for a more just, welcoming, and safe community for everyone. Details about MHC’s commitment and investment in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellness can be found here.

MHC’s treatment programs are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Accreditation is the result of rigorous reviews and certifies that MHC conforms to nationally and internationally recognized service standards focused on quality and effectiveness.

MHC is a Platinum-Certified organization for the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health by Mental Health America (MHA). This distinction is awarded to companies who meet the standards for a mentally healthy workplace and demonstrates MHC’s outstanding commitment to employee mental health and well-being. Learn how MHC can help your workplace through the MHC Collaborative.

Our Team

Over 200 individuals from across the state make up our workforce. Each brings with them a unique set of skills and the unifying passion for helping others. We follow a core set of values that aid our ability to communicate as a team and maintain a safe and welcoming work environment for all.

In our programs and across our staff and communities, safety is fundamental to individual growth and collective success, in all the ways safety is defined, including physically, emotionally, and creatively.

Everyone’s contact and journey are different. We recognize, appreciate, and embrace our differences, assume positive intent, and meet each person and community where they are.

Progress is advanced through everyday thoughtfulness and the persistent pursuit of new ideas and approaches.

In all that we do, we hold ourselves accountable to our purpose and charge. We operate with the highest ethical principles, employ the best practices, and are a responsible steward of community resources.

Our mission is a shared journey. We strive to be good partners by building and sustaining trusting relationships with all whom we encounter.

MHC’s Anti-racism Pledge

Mental Health Connecticut recognizes that combating racism and inequity is an ongoing commitment to society and a lifelong practice within our community. To ensure this work is a movement of progress and not a moment in time, the work requires both vigilance and patience in order to listen, learn, and take action. We pledge to work against racism in all its forms for the safety and wellbeing of our employees, program participants, and the communities we serve across the state of Connecticut.

This pledge was created by MHC’s Equity, Social Justice & Antiracism (ESJA) Advisory Committee. Formed in the summer of 2020, this voluntary group of MHC employees from across the state meets monthly to discuss and address matters of diversity, equity and inclusion within MHC. The mission of the ESJA Advisory Committee is to identify and create solution-based recommendations that will improve work culture with a focus on social justice, cultural humility and equity for staff, program participants and the communities we serve.