Mental Health Connecticut’s (MHC’s) mission is to partner with individuals, families, and communities to create environments that support long-term health and wellness. The services provided by our 200+ direct care staff are based on evidence-based and best practices utilized in a recovery model approach to care, which means we help individuals obtain a safe home, activate whole health living, find fulfillment and purpose, and become actively engaged in the community.

MHC has main offices in Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Waterbury, Torrington, West Hartford and Farmington. Our statewide programs offer in-home care and life skill supports. Our highly acclaimed community-based residential programs are a launching pad for our program participants to gain their independence and decrease their reliance on the state-funded system of care.

The extensive training of our staff allows our program participants to be supported and seen and heard at every interaction and our longstanding ties with other service providers allows our program participants to be a part of a collaborative approach to care.

MHC’s home-based services provide individualized supports for adults with mental health conditions in their homes and/or an environment in which they are comfortable. MHC’s home-based services can include the development of person-centered, goal-oriented, recovery plans, the development of goals to pursue community involvement and natural supports, skill building activities and residential supports to promote successful independent living, and engagement with family members.

MHC provides in-home care through the Mental Health Waiver program (MHC is a state-approved WISE provider) and also through Mental Health Concierge for individuals looking to complement services offered by private health insurance.

For more information, contact Marisa Russo, Director of Specialized Residential Services:; 860-977-0729

MHC is part of a statewide network to help eliminate homelessness in the state of Connecticut. MHC participates in the Waterbury/Litchfield Coordinated Access Network (CAN) that serves those who meet the HUD definition of literal homelessness, which is required for entry into homeless projects throughout the state.

For more information, contact Agustin Lopez, Director of Specialized Community Services:

Opportunities for employment and education give people a sense of purpose. Through supported employment and education, MHC staff partner our program participants to help attain employment, work alongside people with and without disabilities, and experience the social, financial and intellectual benefits of employment and furthering one’s education.

For more information, contact Agustin Lopez, Director of Specialized Community Services:

Engaging in the community after experiencing traumatic events or while living with a mental health condition presents specific challenges. Our team works with our program participants to support their goals for becoming more active in the community at the pace that makes sense for them.

MHC’s Independence Center (IC) is MHC’s social and community center based in downtown Waterbury. The IC promotes value, respect and meaningful relationships, which are integral to engaging in the community. The IC offers an environment for individuals with mental health conditions to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their goals and realize recovery. Health and wellness play an integral role in all aspects of the IC, and daily workshops provide members with supports that can positively impact their recovery journey.

To become a member of the IC, complete the following 2 forms and fax them to to 203-756-9744 or mail to 21 Church St, Waterbury CT. For more information about the Independence Center, please call 203-756-5772.

MHC also offers Deaf Rec, a social club that brings people who are deaf from all walks of life together to engage in community-based, recreational activities, including visiting local museums, going bowling, eating at restaurants, and attending local fairs and festivals. Deaf Rec is designed to engage the Deaf community in mainstream activities that promote health, wellness and connection to their communities.

To learn more about Deaf Rec, contact Amelia Saunders, Director of West Hartford Residential Services:

All too often mental health is placed in its own category, as if our emotional, spiritual, and psychological health are somehow unmoored from our physical and general health overall. At MHC, we are out to debunk that myth by inviting people to find nontraditional pathways to healing and wellness.

Through the Art of Wellbeing program (e.g., Art, Dance, Writing, Music, Theatre) we help individuals learn new skills, engage in the community, and find and utilize creative outlets of expression. We provide people with these creative outlets by using different artistic genres and at different skill levels. To learn more, go to: Hispanic Health Council Family Wellness Center,

Write On!, MHC Music, GROW, Moving Stories, and the “Nutrition as An Intervention” initiative are MHC’s original creations developed in-house or with community partners. To learn more, go to: wellness programs.