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All too often mental health is placed in its own category, as if our emotional, spiritual, and psychological health are somehow unmoored from our physical and general health overall. At MHC, we are out to debunk that myth by inviting people to find nontraditional pathways to healing and wellness.

Write On!, Mending Art, GROW, Life Coaching, and Moving Stories programs, and the “Nutrition as An Intervention” initiative are MHC’s original creations developed in-house or with community partners.

Participants in these programs make tremendous leaps in their wellness journey. Time and again these unique pathways create a ripple effect of hope that results in action. Many participants achieve goals in acquiring new skills or expressing creativity, and then make other changes that lead to gaining independence, embracing self-advocacy, decreasing symptoms of their mental health conditions, and rejoining the community in a meaningful way.

  • Gardening, Recovery, and Opportunities for Wellness (GROW): Program participants gain the therapeutic benefits of gardening and new work skills while producing fresh vegetables, herbs, and plants for MHC and underserved communities.
  • Mending Art: Numerous studies and research prove how art is linked to wellness and recovery. For many, Mending Art has been a stepping stone towards rejoining the workforce, going back to school, reconnecting with family and friends, and becoming active in the community.
  • Moving Stories: Moving Stories is a collaboration with the Judy Dworin Performance Project and uses a combination of physical and spatial expression, visual arts, words, individual and group activities, and positive problem solving as a pathway to healing.
  • Life Coaching: Healing and Wellness through the Use of Self-Care Practices: The Life Coaching program is a joint collaboration between MHC and the Contract Unit at Southwest Connecticut Mental Health Systems (SWCMHS). Life Coaching has been designed to provide a range of wellness activities different from the more traditional case management interventions, incorporating some of MHC’s other wellness programs.
  • Nutrition as An Intervention: Can improving nutrition and strengthening community ties improve one’s mental health and overall wellbeing? How can we address the social determinants of health through nutrition? MHC is partnering with Healing Meals Community Project and others to explore these questions and much more.
  • Write On!: Each of us has a story to tell. But, how does that story define who we are and where we’re going? Write On! has shown to be an effective intervention in defeating self-stigma and breaking the chain of negative events.

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