telling tales
Below are video renditions of selections from our Write On! Alumni. You may also listen to these stories on our “Telling Tales” podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, Google, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic.

from the virtual class of 2021


Cherokee shares what it’s like to live inside her head in her piece entitled, “A Volcano.”


Deanna shares her story of self-harming and coming out as transgender.


Yove shares what it’s like to go through gay conversion therapy in a piece entitled “It’s For Your Own Good, Honey.”


Lex shares her story of finding herself through mental illness

from the virtual class of 2020


Miles shares a powerful TED Talk on suicide, the pandemic, and a hope for a new generation.


Bea’s piece discusses childhoold sexual abuse and its impact on her life

from the spring class of 2019


Sara shares her #metoo story in a powerful spoken word piece.


Kim shares her struggles with addiction and the scars you collect when living with a mental health condition.


Justin shares his personal journey with living with Schizophrenia.


Deidre shares how her faith has helped her in her mental health journey.


Meredith shares what she wishes people knew about mental illness.


Jamie shares a love story and what it’s like to be “on both sides of the rope” while having bipolar.


Riffat shares his thought provoking questions and mental health struggles.


Ketih shares what it’s like living with anxiety and depression and how others can be an ally to him and those like him.
Telling Tales from the class of 2018


Lauren shares the raw and emotional story of the impact her father’s past has on her mental health.


Sara shares an intimate look at 9 days inside a psychiatric ward.


Leslie challenges the fears derived from stigma and addresses the notion that we end up like our parents.


Cayla shares a series of vignettes based on her experiences with depression. Hello?


Freddy shares his story so we can better understand how he envisions recovery.


Josh shares his story of life with depression and the hope he has for better days ahead.


Katie has always been a writer. Listen as she shares a piece of her ongoing journey towards wellness.


Paolo knows the best time to dance is 10:38 while doing the dishes. Join him on this dance as he shares an emotional piece.


Saley shares her “struggle analysis” and gives hope to those on their journey towards wellness.
Telling Tales from the class of 2017


Em lets you peek into her diary as she reads letters to her younger self that describe the loss, self-harm, heartbreak, abuse, and hope she’s experienced.


Fallyn not only tells her story, she helps you feel it. Her story of emotional and physical abuse and loneliness is raw, unfiltered, and as real as it gets.


Kat takes you on a journey into the convoluted mental health care system and the isolation she endures while seeking recovery.

Sylvia wants to help others who may be struggling with anxiety feel less alone. Listen as she details a day in her life with anxiety as she works toward recovery.

Jess shares the heartbreak and the lessons she learned from letting someone close to her learn about her inner most secrets and mental health challenges.


Sam shares a little known story of trauma from the Sandy Hook tragedy and makes us think about how stigma deepens when mental illness is falsely portrayed in the media.

Jaime didn’t have a choice in facing her trauma. A survivor of child abuse that resulted in a very public court battle, she shares her tale of PTSD, self-doubt, and her commitment to advocacy.

Kelsey is a poet who shares an introspective piece on substance abuse and the struggles of silencing the urge to “answer the call” of addiction.