Telling Tales: Sara – Day #26

Contributed by: Janet Reynolds Sara defined herself as a writer before she joined Write On! An experienced poet, she performed her works and had been writing regularly for years. But Write On!, she says, opened her eyes to a different way of writing and a new way to look at her own life story. “I… Read more »

Memorial Day – Day #25

The origin story of Memorial Day goes back over 150 years and is still unclear to this day. Several communities across the nation may have independently started memorial gatherings yet one of the earliest commemorations was organized by a group of nearly 10,000 freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865. Less than a month… Read more »

My Story: by Sean Smedley – Day #23

Contributed by Sean Smedley, MHC Board of Directors COVID – when the world came to understand the importance of mental health. It caused all of us to deal with something we had never dealt with before or could have conceived. Imagine feeling like the world could finally appreciate the perspective and position of those of… Read more »

My Nervous Breakthrough – Day #22

Contributed by Laureen Guerriero, MHC Development Committee Co-Chair At 28, I battled a mental health challenge, a big one, it landed me in the psychiatric floor at Hartford Hospital for six weeks of my life. My family, friends and the public would judgmentally refer to this as a “nervous breakdown”.  What does that even mean,… Read more »