Meet Amy Jaffe Barzach

#LetsFaceIt As a society, we intellectually understand loss that comes from death. What we are less adept at understanding and facing is loss in its many other forms. And that’s something Amy Jaffe Barzach hopes her story can help change. Barzach and her husband Peter lived the loss that is every parent’s nightmare. Their son,… Read more »

Meet Jamie McDonald

#LetsFaceIt Restaurateur Jamie McDonald wants people to know that sometimes what you see on the outside is not at all what’s going on inside. The owner of the Bear’s Smokehouse franchise, McDonald knows this because for decades he tried to put a good face on depression, anxiety, trauma, and ultimately, alcoholism. It didn’t work. Now… Read more »

Meet Vern Montoute

#LetsFaceIt Say the word yoga and most people think of calm, accepting environments, places where all are welcomed and embraced as they explore spiritual understanding through a series of poses and meditation. It’s a definition that works, but not for everyone. For people of color, yoga is still a place where they can often feel… Read more »

Meet Kailey MarcAurele

#LetsFaceIt When we break an arm or learn we have cancer, we typically have no issue sharing the news and the story around it. Substitute cancer for something like bipolar disease or crippling depression, however, and suddenly story sharing is verboten. Kailey MarcAurele has lived that dichotomy. She began suffering from depression in middle school… Read more »

Meet Melissa Geathers

#LetsFaceIt Sometimes what you see is really only part of what’s actually there. It’s a message that Melissa Geathers, mother to a 12-year-old son who lives with bipolar disease, wishes more people would realize before jumping to conclusions and then potentially hurtful and unhelpful actions. “We don’t wear mental illness on our faces. He’s a… Read more »