Mending Art Coordinator Amy Smith Inspires Us to Celebrate World Art Day

World Art Day, celebrated yearly on April 15, is an international celebration of the fine arts. It was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), a partner of UNESCO, to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide and promote international collaboration through art.

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(Photo by Jazz Borst, Mending Art Program Specialist)

Amy Smith, MHC’s queen of all things art and Coordinator of our Mending Art program, shares her thoughts on creativity and inspires us to celebrate World Art Day our way.

Hello Friends of MHC –

What day is today? Today is World Art Day! Whomever you are, wherever you are, MHC Mending Art invites you to celebrate this day! Putting your creative energy into action, you will find that the world opens up to new experience, discoveries, thoughts, and ideas.

Art is a journey that brings you places you may have never imagined before; it connects you with yourself and with others. So, allow yourself the time to play and explore. You deserve it. Yes, you! Whether you consider yourself one or not, you are an artist; you are a masterpiece! You were born with creativity, so let your unique creative light shine.

Let art bring you peace, today and always. How will you celebrate art today? Will you draw or paint? Make a sculpture or piece of jewelry? Design a piece of clothing? Play an instrument, sing or dance? Write a song, poem or short story? Take a photograph and share it with a friend? Visit a gallery or museum, in person or online? Visit a mural in your community? Perhaps you will decide to read a book about a famous artist (Did you know that today is Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday? Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci!) There are so many ways to express yourself and honor this special day.

Whether you spend today celebrating art or not, remember, tomorrow is another day to be creative.

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Are you craving more creative inspiration? Check out Amy’s “Mending Art Inspiration” workshop created in April 2020. This guided workshop is a great way to celebrate World Art Day, so grab your paper and something to draw with (markers, pencil, pens, etc.) to follow along!

–Amy Smith, Mending Art Coordinator