Contributed by: Suzi Craig, MHC’s Chief Strategy Officer

March 23, 2021. West Hartford, CT – Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) has been awarded a Platinum level rating, the highest offered, for Mental Health America’s Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health. The Bell Seal is a first-of-its-kind workplace mental health certification that recognizes employers who strive to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees.

“Receiving the highest ranking for the Bell Seal, especially during one of the most challenging times in MHC’s 112-year history, is quite an honor. I am proud to be a steward of an organization that is recognized for doing all we can to support our employees and create a culture of health and wellness,” Scott Brabant, Board Chair of Mental Health Connecticut.

Mental Health America (MHA), was founded in 1909, by Clifford Beers, one year after founding Mental Health Connecticut. MHA is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the overall mental health of all. MHA has spent decades researching mental health in the workplace. In 2019, MHA introduced the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health to recognize companies and organizations that understand the value of addressing mental health at work and implement policies and practices that support employee well-being.

“Mental Health Connecticut is proud to be among the first organizations to be certified by MHA. Our status as a Bell Seal-certified organization demonstrates MHC’s ongoing commitment to employee mental health and well-being, an achievement not possible without our staff’s commitment to our mission and values, and to each other,” Luis B. Perez, President & CEO of Mental Health Connecticut.

The Bell Seal recognizes an employer’s advances in workplace mental health by awarding recognition levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Mental Health Connecticut underwent a rigorous evaluation of its policies and practices in five areas: Workplace Culture, Benefits, Wellness Programs, Legal Compliance, and Leadership and Community Engagement. MHC’s status of Platinum demonstrates its dedication to employee well-being for outstanding scores in all areas, but particularly in Workplace Culture, Wellness Programs, and Leadership and Community Engagement.

“I am thrilled to congratulate Mental Health Connecticut on receiving its Bell Seal. As a Connecticut resident and mental health advocate, I feel proud whenever we can lay claim to promoting mental health. We are all doing the best we can in these tough times. And every great employer cares about the mental health of its employees. I hope others – across all industries – will join Mental Health Connecticut in applying to Mental Health America for a Bell Seal of their own.” Paul Gionfriddo, President & CEO of Mental Health America.

In 2020, MHC ramped up efforts to support Connecticut workplaces through our Community Education programming. Many businesses reached out to MHC for help to support employees struggling with their mental health due to the disruptions from the pandemic, such as social isolation, experiences of loss, lack of emotional safety, and increased stress and anxiety.

MHC’s support for Connecticut’s workplaces continues through its current offerings. Soon, MHC’s advisory support will also include guiding organizations through the Bell Seal. The rigorous application process is an essential tool workplaces can use to create a strategy for implementing improvements.

“We would like to see organizations from all industries across Connecticut use the Bell Seal as a roadmap. We can help businesses identify and support areas that will create an emotionally safe environment, a critical counterpart to physical safety. Leaders who are committed to creating a mentally fit workforce, also understand that this is an investment in reducing turnover, attracting talent, improving morale, and sustaining a healthy bottom line,” said Suzi Craig, Chief Strategy Officer.

Mental Health Connecticut is committed to providing the best for its employees and looks forward to continued work to ensure the standards set forth by the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health are upheld. You can learn more about MHA and the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health at

About Mental Health Connecticut

With a person-centered approach to care, Mental Health Connecticut’s mission is to partner with individuals, families, and communities to create environments that support long-term health and wellness. We measure success by our ability to support the recovery journey and help individuals obtain a safe home, achieve whole health, realize a meaningful purpose, and develop connections in the community. Established by Clifford Beers in 1908, MHC is committed to the mental health and wellness of all Connecticut residents through advocacy, education, and service. For more information about MHC, go to: