As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, we are celebrating the success of its #LetsFaceIt campaign, made possible through the support and partnership of ConnectiCare. The campaign, aimed at combating stigma and promoting mental health awareness, saw enthusiastic participation from individuals and more than a dozen organizations across the state. This year’s Let’s Face It campaign was our most successful fundraiser to date! We ended the campaign with a grand total of $85,000!

ConnectiCare, a leading health plan in Connecticut, was the presenting sponsor for this year’s #LetsFaceIt campaign, generously matching donations up to $23,000. This partnership reflects ConnectiCare’s commitment to creating healthier futures for Connecticut residents. In addition to ConnectiCare, other top sponsors included Stamford Health, Wells Fargo, Liberty Bank, DATTCO, and Lockton Companies.

“At ConnectiCare, we believe that creating healthier futures for our community involves prioritizing mental health, a crucial aspect of a person’s overall well-being,” said Mark Meador, President of ConnectiCare. “We are honored to support the “Let’s Face It” campaign, which aims to empower residents with the resources and knowledge they need to take control of their mental health journey.”

Throughout May, MHC focused on engaging Connecticut residents in meaningful conversations about mental health and stigma. The campaign highlighted that everyone’s journey to health and wellness is unique and emphasized the importance of access to mental health resources. Daily themes and conversations were led by community members who shared their personal stories, providing inspiration and hope.

“The #LetsFaceIt campaign has highlighted the remarkable resilience and solidarity within our community. By bravely sharing their personal journeys, individuals played a crucial role in dismantling stigma and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for those facing mental health challenges. We are deeply grateful for the steadfast support of ConnectiCare and our other sponsors, whose contributions have been vital in making this campaign impactful and far-reaching.” said Luis B. Pérez, President & CEO of Mental Health Connecticut.

Throughout the month, MHC shared essential tools, wellness tips, and motivational posts from community experts, including Yoga In Our City and the Connecticut Museum of Culture and History. These efforts helped to increase awareness and access to mental health resources across the state. The campaign’s success is evident in the heightened community engagement and increased donations that will go towards supporting MHC’s ongoing initiatives.

For more information on the campaign and to continue supporting Mental Health Connecticut, visit and follow @mentalhealthct on social media.