Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) and Justice Dance Performance Project (JDPP) are collaborating once again to present Moving Stories: a transformative arts workshop for mental wellness among individuals who have faced trauma or mental health conditions.

Running from April 17 to May 29, these sessions will happen every Wednesday from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Hispanic Health Council Family Wellness Center. Want to join us? Sign up and snag more details at

“We believe in the transformative power of the arts to facilitate healing and recovery, and this workshop is a testament to our commitment to providing diverse and effective mental health support,” says Luis B. Perez, President and CEO at MHC. The workshop, facilitated by experts from both MHC and JDPP, harnesses evidence-based approaches, combining physical expression, visual arts, words, individual and group activities, and positive problem-solving techniques.

“Movement is our first way of knowing the world—our first method of communication. Guided by the wisdom of the body, JDPP teaching artists utilize movement with all of the arts to open avenues of expression, communication and healing. It is a beautiful process of growth and becoming,” Judy Dworin, Executive & Artistic Director, Justice Dance Performance Project, Inc.

Through this holistic approach, participants will cultivate an improved sense of well-being, forge connections with others, and develop resilience to face life’s challenges. Ken Barela, CEO of Hispanic Health Council, lauded the partnership with MHC, highlighting shared values and a commitment to holistic wellness.

Moving Stories provides a unique platform for individuals to explore their stories and foster a sense of community. The workshop will culminate in an informal, interactive sharing session, offering participants a safe space to have their “moving stories” heard and honored.

As part of a $20,000 grant provided by Macy’s through the brand’s social purpose platform, Mission Every One, MHC was able to renovate the Hispanic Health Council Family Wellness Center and host this workshop for the community.