Mental Health Connecticut: Our Commitment to Mental Wellness

This is an exciting time for Mental Health Connecticut. We have launched a new name and brand designed specifically to magnify our commitment to promoting mental health and wellness for all Connecticut residents. While we have had a statewide presence since our establishment in 1908, we are even more committed to bringing mental health education and advocacy to communities across the state and ensuring that people with mental health conditions have access to recovery-based services, are treated fairly, and can live successful lives in their communities.

We will live up to this commitment by advocating at the Legislative Office Building for legislation that supports health and wellness for people with mental health conditions, offering educational forums and events that bring awareness to mental health conditions and the reality of recovery, and providing information to people seeking mental health information through our Information and Referral Line. We are a resource, a partner and an educator for people across Connecticut.

As we enter this new phase, we ask that you stand with us, support us, and reach out to us for information, partnerships, and assistance. In order to achieve significant change in Connecticut and ensure all people with mental health conditions have the opportunity to achieve recovery and live integrated lives in our communities, we must work together, advocate side-by-side, and support efforts that achieve forward progress.

As Mental Health Connecticut, we are positioned to support the mental health needs of Connecticut for the next 100 years and look forward to achieving this alongside our friends and supporters. Together, we can affect real change and promote whole health for all.