MHC Promotes Purpose Through Employment

Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) supports hope and achievement for people with mental health conditions through access to services and supports that promote the four pillars of recovery: (1) home, (2) health, (3) purpose, and (4) community. Helping someone find purpose can be difficult to achieve. For instance, what is the purpose for which you get out of bed? Is it your job? Your family? Your morning workout? Your innate drive to live every day to the fullest? Helping one to find that purpose to get up in the morning, live life, and feel valued can be difficult but ultimately rewarding when achieved.

In an effort to help people attain purpose, MHC offers supported employment programs in West Hartford and Waterbury. Through supported employment, MHC connects employers and people with mental health conditions to engage them in opportunities to gain competitive employment, work alongside people with and without disabilities, and experience the social, financial and intellectual benefits of employment. Supported employment results in people with mental health conditions wanting to get up in the morning, learning the skills necessary to maintain consistent employment, and reaping the financial and social benefits of employment.

Recently, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) recognized MHC’s Choices Program in West Hartford for achieving an employment rate of 45% or greater. This program was one of only eight across the state that achieved such recognition. This is made possible by the staff who work tirelessly to help people apply for and gain employment, the businesses that work with Mental Health Connecticut to employ the people with whom we work, and the commitment of the people we serve to achieve success in their employment opportunities.

Ultimately, this achievement contributes to our efforts to help people with mental health conditions find purpose through work, which results in health, wellness and recovery.