Hate is A Crime, Not A Mental Health Condition

According to the FBI as reported on by the NY Times, “About 64.9 percent of the 8,052 reported hate crime incidents [in 2020] were based on race, ethnicity or ancestry bias. The number of reported hate crimes against African Americans in 2020 was 2,871, up from 1,972 in 2019.” The mass shooting on Saturday, May… Read more »

Meet Amanda Brenner

#LetsFaceIt A recent graduate focusing on policy practice with a special interest in mental health policy, Brenner, 27, has lived experience and knows firsthand how internalized shame and self-stigma can get in the way of recovery and change. “Self stigma really got in the way of trying to help myself and get the care I… Read more »

Meet Jim Carlon

#LetsFaceIt Stamford attorney Jim Carlon seemed to have it all—family, successful legal career in both private practice and as a lawyer and an officer in the United States Army Reserve. But then things started to go awry. He began having trouble sleeping, his eating was irregular, and he began suffering repeated panic attacks.  He knew… Read more »

Meet Doris Maldonado Mendez

#LetsFaceIt If there is such a thing as a full time advocate, Doris Maldonado Mendez is it. A foster mother who is also a bilingual health information specialist for families with special needs, she says she is on 10—and perhaps counting—statewide boards and task forces focusing on disability issues. She is co-chair of the Keep… Read more »

Meet Ryan Lindsay

#LetsFaceIt Have You forgotten my name? O Lord, come to Your child. O Lord, forget me not.   You said to lean on Your arm And I’m leaning You said to trust in Your love And I’m trusting You said to call on Your name And I’m calling I’m stepping out on Your word.  … Read more »