Meet Jennifer Korwitz

#LetsFaceIt In fiction, families are often portrayed as the most supportive of a character in trouble. In real life, that is not always the case. It’s a behavior that Jennifer Korwitz hopes sharing her story will help change. An art student working on her second bachelor’s degree to become an art therapist, Korwitz was seven… Read more »

Meet Quyên Trương

#LetsFaceIt Quyên Trương knows firsthand how a life of holding back, of keeping secrets, can take a toll on health, both physical and mental. She has also seen how a lack of access and understanding of available medical resources can exacerbate recovery. Change, she says, is long overdue.  A refugee from Vietnam, Trương and her… Read more »

Meet Sacha Armstrong-Crocket

#LetsFaceIt Sacha Armstrong-Crocket may be a real estate agent in her career, but her passion for housing goes far beyond buying and selling properties. She is also a community activist focused on ending housing segregation and racism.  In addition to being co-chair of Middletown’s anti-racism task force, Armstrong-Crocket has founded the Connecticut Home Collective. As… Read more »

Meet Kathy Flaherty

#LetsFaceIt Lawyer Kathy Flaherty knows stigma from both sides of the bench if you will. Not only has she made a career of helping people with disabilities overcome legal issues, but she has faced the stigma and challenges of having a mental health diagnosis firsthand, both personally in an involuntary hospitalization and professionally as a… Read more »

Meet Delmoni Porter

#LetsFaceIt “What always runs through my mind when we go places with participants is they’re stigmatized. They’re looked at side-eyed,” he says. “It runs through my mind that there but for the grace of God go I. Any illness can fall on any of us. That keeps me grounded. It helps me realize that I… Read more »