In the heart of Hartford, among the bustling streets and vibrant communities, Majesty Reyes weaves her story through colors, brush strokes, and creative expression. Meet Majesty: a talented artist and graphic designer whose journey through life’s complexities has led her to become not just a creator of art, but a beacon of hope and healing for those navigating their own mental health challenges. 

Majesty’s path intertwines with her art, each stroke of the brush reflecting her struggles and triumphs. But her journey towards embracing art as a therapeutic tool wasn’t always straightforward. Growing up in a Hispanic household, Majesty faced stigmas and challenges that shaped her perception of relationships and mental health. “There’s a stigma that Hispanic people don’t typically come from stable backgrounds,” she revealed. “Expressing your emotions is not really a thing. When you’re upset, you’re told to distract yourself.” 

It wasn’t until college, amidst the turmoil of a relationship, that Majesty sought solace in therapy. She recalled, “I was going through an emotionally abusive relationship, and I didn’t have any outlets. Therapy wasn’t something that was offered to me growing up, but it was a game-changer.” 

Yet, even then, the decision to seek help was met with skepticism and misunderstanding from her family. “Why would you do that? You don’t really need to go to therapy,” they questioned, echoing the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health within her community.  

Undeterred, Majesty persisted, recognizing the transformative power of therapy in her life. “i think everybody should go to therapy, it doesn’t take something being “wrong” in order to strengthen the relationship with ones mental health” she advocates. 

Through therapy, Majesty not only confronted her own demons but also shattered generational taboos surrounding mental health within her family. “My mom is even asking me if she can come to therapy with me,” she shares, a testament to the ripple effect of healing and vulnerability. 

As an artist, Majesty’s canvas becomes a sanctuary, a space where emotions are translated into vibrant hues and poignant poetry. Her paint and sip events transcend the traditional, incorporating elements of intention setting, goal reflection, and affirmation. “Every single person struggles with something,” she observes, infusing her art with a sense of purpose and communal healing. 

Her journey wasn’t without its challenges, but Majesty found strength in the community. “Finding community was crucial for me,” she emphasized. “It’s so isolating when you’re struggling but having a support system makes all the difference.” 

In her studio, nestled within Hartford’s creative landscape, Majesty cultivates a sense of belonging and acceptance. “I like to tell people come as you are, this is a safe communal space to express yourself creatively,” she extends her sanctuary to others, embodying the spirit of community and inclusivity. 

Yet, Majesty’s journey isn’t just about personal healing; it’s about creating spaces where others can find solace and connection. “We can all benefit from a little bit of kindness,” she mused. “We’re not alone in our struggles. When we reach out to others, we realize that we’re stronger together.”  

Through her recent art exhibition, she invited attendees into a world where vulnerability and authenticity reign supreme. “It was amazing to see the impact my art had on people. My poetry resonated with them, and it sparked important conversations about mental health and healing.” 

As she continues to navigate life’s ups and downs, Majesty remains steadfast in her commitment to creativity, and community. Her journey serves as a reminder that amidst the chaos of life, art has the power to transform, uplift, and unite us in our shared humanity. 


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