May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in Connecticut, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) is leading the charge to illuminate the state in green. This symbolic gesture serves as a beacon of hope, understanding, and support for individuals grappling with mental health challenges. As we embark on this journey of awareness and advocacy, it’s imperative to understand the significance behind the green glow. 

Mental Health Month, initiated by Mental Health America and recognized by presidential proclamation, aims to shed light on mental health conditions, foster education about mental wellness, and combat stigma. By embracing this initiative, organizations and individuals alike contribute to a culture of empathy and acceptance, nurturing a community where mental health is prioritized. 

Participation in the “Lighting Up Green” campaign is a simple yet powerful way to show solidarity with Mental Health Awareness Month. Businesses and individuals across Connecticut are encouraged to adorn their spaces with green light bulbs, string lights, or spotlights. 

Already, several organizations have pledged their support to the cause, including ConnectiCare, Stamford Health, and the University of St. Joseph’s, among others. Thank you to those who have already committed to lighting up green in CT! 

  • ConnectiCare 
  • The Hartford Corporate Office Headquarters 
  • LIFT Performance Gym 
  • MHC Independence Center 
  • MHC Robinson House 
  • MHC Hayden Hill 
  • Riverfront Recapture, Mortensen Riverfront Plaza 
  • Stamford Health 
  • University of St. Joseph’s 
  • West Haven City Hall 
  • Town of Greenwich 
  • Imagine Float 

Furthermore, the initiative extends beyond the confines of May, offering a tangible way to continue supporting mental health awareness year-round. Sasha Wahl, a local artist and ally of MHC, has crafted green light boxes, serving as both decor and a symbol of solidarity. You can see some of them on their site using the button below, or in person at Playhouse on Park.

Any profit from the sale of these will go to support MHC and our life-saving programs. If you are interested in acquiring a green quilt lightbox please reach out through the Contact Page on Sasha’s website: https://www.makerofoddsandsods.com/  


Remember, every contribution matters. By participating in awareness activities for Mental Health Awareness Month, you’re not just making a difference—you’re also spreading awareness, fostering connections, and demonstrating solidarity with those who need it most. So, let’s band together, extend a helping hand, and make this May a month to remember. 

Together, we can make a lasting impact on mental health awareness in Connecticut. Donate or start a fundraiser here.

Join us each day in May to hear from community partners, staff, and MHC participants on how they #FaceIt. View past posts here.  

Looking for resources or support in CT but don’t know where to start? Visit MHC’s Resource Directory at https://www.mhconn.org/education/resources/