Dear MHC Community,

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, my team shared this video of Brian playing a song he wrote about his experience at MHC. I was moved to say the least. To receive such a beautiful piece of art that encapsulates so much of what we strive to do every day is a gift.

(If you haven’t yet watched, go ahead. Click Here! I’ll wait for you.)

For Brian and so many people since our founding in 1908, MHC has been a safety net and an organization that has offered support at a time when they felt abandoned.

MHC is a person-centered organization which means that we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach or just treat a condition. We work with the 1,000+ individuals we serve daily to identify and address their specific needs. Because of our depth of services, we can address multiple needs, helping people find housing, get food, identify goals, create a treatment plan, and engage through the arts and other programs within their community.

We know our approach works not just because we follow evidence-based practices but because of all of the people like Brian who share their stories.

Through May’s Let’s Face It campaign, we aim to break the stigma experienced by countless individuals, including our founder Clifford Beers, and those we serve today. Additionally, we raise funds to support our work throughout the year. To everyone who has made a donation or started a fundraiser, thank you. Your donation goes a long way with MHC and changes lives. If you haven’t yet donated and can, please consider doing so.

Thank you,

Luis B. Pérez

President & CEO

Your support not only fuels our awareness campaign but also supports MHC’s life-changing mental health services, education, and advocacy efforts.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on mental health awareness in Connecticut. Donate or start a fundraiser here.

Join us each day in May to hear from community partners, staff, and MHC participants on how they #FaceIt. View past posts here.  

Looking for resources or support in CT but don’t know where to start? Visit MHC’s Resource Directory at https://www.mhconn.org/education/resources/