Month: December 2020

Moments of Opportunity

This year, we made changes to the way program participants are being supported and we reminded ourselves that doing things the “way we used to” isn’t always the best way forward. We expanded our wellness programs, such as Mending Art and “Write On!”. We streamlined access to services for people experiencing homelessness, reducing wait times from… Read more »

What Keeps Us Going

Our team at MHC is full of strong, dedicated individuals who demonstrate resilience in everything we do. In 2020, we launched new programs and switched to almost 75% virtual programming. Our staff took on new roles and/or worked in ways we never had to before. It was our collective strengths across departments that made it… Read more »

MHC Direct Care Staff Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

After months of advocacy to be included in Phase 1A, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) has been identified and accepted as an essential worker organization within the state of Connecticut. As such, we are eligible to receive the COVID19 vaccination in the first wave of distribution. All of MHC’s direct care staff have been registered with… Read more »

I Love What I Do

Our team at MHC is about support and encouragement, in everything we do. That means being there for each other just as much as we’re there for the individuals within our community. Made up of strong, humble, and persevering group members, the team at MHC will tell you, “this is just what we do.” Traditionally,… Read more »

Environments Where People Can Thrive

Living with a mental health condition can be a lot of things at once, including isolating and debilitating. That’s why an individual’s journey to long-term health and wellness needs support. At MHC, we meet people where they’re at and we move at their pace. We start with the condition of being human as our foundation… Read more »