Month: November 2020

When the Stories Echo in Your Own Family Tree…

Contributed by: Jacquilyn Davis, MHC’s Marketing and Development Coordinator and ESJA Advisory Committee Creator & Facilitator On June 8th, 2020 Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) published The Condition of Being Human, a blog post and official statement from MHC. The statement in its entirety is a reflection of the frustration and pain that many of us… Read more »

What Brings Family Together? Food!

Contributed by Trista Genova, MHC’s Member Services Manager When COVID hit we were told on a Thursday that we were looking at closing the Independence Center (IC), MHC’s Recovery Resource Center. By the following Monday we were closed. The IC, located in downtown Waterbury is a safe environment for individuals with mental health conditions to… Read more »

Thanksgiving Thank-a-thon-Thursday Kickoff

Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, it has to be that way. But one thing hasn’t changed, we have a lot to be grateful for. That’s why Mental Health Connecticut is kicking off Thank-a-thon Thursday! Thank-a-thons are a way to spread gratitude and to show our appreciation for people who mean so much to… Read more »

Mr. Clean: A short memoir by Mike Tully

Inspired by all those that knew you Death has always brought people to a standstill. It is a moment in time where we all stand there and think how and why, what is my purpose in this world? This moment of shock and stillness elevates when we experience death of a loved one who was… Read more »