Month: April 2019

#31 Days of Wellness – Day 1

Meet Jackie Davis, Marketing and Development Coordinator at Mental Health Connecticut. At an early age, Jackie knew that her career path would be one that combines her love of helping others with her creative nature. As a teenager, Jackie would spend her free time playing music, reading novels, and volunteering for local nonprofits by creating… Read more »

Write On! – Lauren’s story

Contributed by: Lauren, mental health advocate and participant of MHC’s Write On! program, class of 2018 Before participating in the Write On! program, I never considered myself as a writer, and I definitely never considered myself as a mental health advocate. This program has changed my perspective, the way I move in this world, and… Read more »

A Practical Approach To Debt Caused By Mental Health Conditions 

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood  While debt is sometimes necessary, it can place a tremendous amount of pressure on an individual, especially those who already have a struggle with mental health. According to research, adults in debt were three times more likely to have common mental disorders (CMD) than those who don’t. For those already in the thick… Read more »