Jackie Davis headshotMeet Jackie Davis, Marketing and Development Coordinator at Mental Health Connecticut. At an early age, Jackie knew that her career path would be one that combines her love of helping others with her creative nature.

As a teenager, Jackie would spend her free time playing music, reading novels, and volunteering for local nonprofits by creating fundraisers, participating in bake sales, and walking in charity races. She always found joy in giving back and continued to support organizations throughout her college career.

After receiving a degree in Television Broadcasting, she spent 3 years as a TV editor at ESPN. While she enjoyed her time there, working second and third shift schedules presented too many obstacles for achieving work life balance and her mental and physical health suffered for it. It was then, in 2006, that Jackie thought back to her days of volunteering for non profit agencies and the joy it brought to her life, that she decided to join the workforce of philanthropists.

Jackie at ACSFor the last 13 years, Jackie has held a variety of roles in the nonprofit sector, from Development Associate to Executive Director, but outside of her current role at MHC, her favorite is Volunteer.

“One of my favorite quotes is a lessor known one from the famous balcony scene of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. While everyone knows Juliet’s “Romeo, Romeo…” monologue, I prefer when she describes her feelings for Romeo – “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep, the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” I love this quote because not only does it describe true love, it talks to the ongoing cycle of giving to others and the rewards one gets in return. Volunteering is a source of infinite joy for me. The more I give to others, the more I have – a greater sense of purpose, increased happiness, feeling more connected to my community, and knowing I’m making a positive difference.”

Jackie and LaureenWhile nonprofit work is her full time job, Jackie still volunteers for other charities in her spare time and enjoys working with volunteers at Mental Health Connecticut. She hopes that they find their own joy in giving to others as she has.


Want to volunteer with MHC? Contact hr@mhconn.org to learn about current opportunities. Jackie is currently looking for event volunteers to attend the Run/Walk for Mental Health 5k on June 7 and the Hartford Marathon (supporting Team MHC) on October 12. Those interested may contact her directly at jdavis@mhconn.org for more information.