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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching; it will be here any minute!  Which is why we’re going to help you reconnect with your partner, as well as rediscover yourself after reading this article. In today’s society, everything seems so focused on work. There’s no time for ourselves or even for our relationships, which is why we need to make time.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about buying expensive things or taking your partner out on thousand dollar dates. Valentine’s Day is about love; love towards your partner and for yourself.  Just because some people do extravagant things, doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on the true meaning.

Below, we’ll be going over a few lists you can follow if you need guidance for your relationship or even some advise for  self care and self love.

Mental Health For Couples
First of all, we need to go over some activities and ideas that will help boost your mental health at any time. These aren’t just special activities reserved for Valentine’s Day, but a great for implementing now so you can have a more beneficial and healthy day with your partner on Valentine’s Day and all year round.

The Personal Questions
Get personal for the benefit of the mental health for both you and your partner.  Sometimes when we find ourselves in the same relationship for a long time, sometimes we can assume that we know everything about our partner.  Sometimes we do this without even thinking about it, but in reality, we don’t always know everything about someone, no matter how close we are.

With that said, set aside some time to go over some personal questions. You can find lists online that will work great and having a bunch of common questions that are deep will also help you feel less guilty about being nosy!

Get Active Together
Working out together is a fantastic way to introduce self love, body appreciation, and mental health into your daily routine.  When you have your partner by your side, it’s so much more fun and it may even push you out of your comfort zone because you want to try harder in front of people.  Plus you’ll be supporting each other and their health.

Learn How You Express Affection
This can sometimes be called learning “love languages,” but it all comes down to the same thing, can you express your affection in a way that works well with your partner’s?  Take time to learn about love languages, which was created by Gary Chapman, reach out to each other and come to an understanding about each of your unique love languages.  We’re all different, which is okay!

Get Involved In Things They Like
When we’ve been together with someone for so long, we tend to separate ourselves to some degree, but sometimes we need to cross that divide to really connect with something our partner is doing.  Whether that’s joining in on a hobby they enjoy or they helping you start a hobby of your own. Just be interested and it will pay off more than you probably realize.

Get Kissing!
There are actually so many physical benefits of making out, and yet so many people don’t make the time for this kind of slow intimacy with their partner.  Kissing offers a range of benefits, providing a natural way to increase stamina, lowering stress levels, and even making cholesterol levels sink as well.

Listen To Music Together
Did you know that listening to music actually has benefits for your mental health?  When you listen to music that you love, there will be a boosting of something called oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone because this is released when spending time with your partner.  So why not listen to music together and cuddle for a double boost!?

Talk About Time In The Bedroom
Some may be embarrassed when talking about the time you spend in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort to work through this together.  You both should know what the other person in the relationship wants out of the bedroom.  Don’t be afraid to explore mentally and physically to reignite that love for each other and yourself. Just do it!

Take A Small Trip Together
You don’t need to save up for some huge vacation or date, just plan simple day trips together on the weekend!  It will be less stressful for your mental health and it will also allow you both to travel somewhere to get away from it all.  Taking a trip together will bring you two closer in every way so what’s not to love about exploring this side of wanderlust.

Call Each Other More
Instead of constantly texting, which can actually make you mentally feel very distant from each other, why not call each other instead.  Make a point to just call your partner as often as you need to so you can have a mental refresher when you hear their voice.  This offers a bit of stress relief and will also help you grow closer.

Be Nice Every Day
Much easier said than done, but it’s important that as soon as you wake up in the morning that you try to be nice.  You don’t have to be a morning person, but just try to love and support each other from the time you get up to when you sleep.  This kind of positive attitude will rub off on everyone, which we really do need more of in today’s world.

Ideas For Married Life On Valentine’s Day
In this list we’ll be going over some important ideas you should try to incorporate into your upcoming Valentine’s Day.  It’s important to remember that just because you’ve been celebrating V-Day every year, this doesn’t mean you should slack on the day’s celebrations.

We’ll be offering some unique advice on how you can open up your relationship and rediscover your love for one another in a healthy way.

New Is Good
Try something new on Valentine’s Day, just because you’ve been married for 20 years doesn’t mean you should  ignore a Valentine’s Day.  You both deserve to celebrate this day in a special way that works well for both of you, even if it’s not something you typically do.  There are many benefits to taking part in some kind of V-Day celebration.  It allows you to relax and connect with your partner on a much more personal level.

Create A Healthy Tradition
Instead of lounging around all day doing nothing that stimulates your mental health, create a healthy tradition to stick to together for days, weeks, and years to come.  Maybe come up with something that influences a healthy diet or promise that you’ll work out together from now on every other day.  Encourage each other to take better care of your health!  What better day to start than V-Day!

Spend A Whole Day Together
When we’ve been married for a long time, we often drift apart in some areas of the relationship.  We forget that even if you’ve been together for year, you still  need to put effort into the relationship.  Take time to spend the whole day together and really connect with each other.

Spend time doing what you both love and bond over the little things. This can bring you closer together and help you rediscover your relationship together as well. This will also help reduce stress in your day to day and can  help boost your testosterone if you have low testosterone.

Do Something For Others
Maybe trying something off the beaten path this year will work for you!  Release some of the stress you’ve been feeling, by reaching out together into the community. Volunteer together or offer to help out at a local shelter.  Doing something like this can bring you closer together, as well as closer to your community, which has tons of mental health benefits.

Keep It Simple & Stress Free
There’s nothing better than just focusing on each other during the holidays. Instead of planning something fancy, just keep it simple and focus on each other.  You can do anything you want together, but remember Valentine’s Day is meant to help you relax and find love that really means everything to you and your partner. Take time to just focus on that.

Singles and Heartbreak
Singles Awareness Day, also known as SAD, is a very humorous holiday that was created to give single individuals a day of their own, celebrated either on the fourteenth or fifteenth of February. But in all honesty, this day is a great way to have an excuse to take some time for yourself and learn more about self love.

Heartbreak isn’t easy, it’s painful, stressful, and makes you doubt yourself.  Time is the key to overcoming heartbreak and understanding that you can take things into your own hands.  Just remember that you don’t have control over the situation and instead of freaking out about the loss of control, use it as a way to break free and put the problems behind you. Be refreshed that you don’t have control over the outcome.

How To Find Your Own Self Worth This Valentine’s Day
While Valentine’s Day might seem like it’s all about the couples aspect, with falling in love, romance, and relationships that seem too perfect, remember that it’s about you too.  No matter what kind of relationship situation you’re in, even if you’re single, Valentine’s Day should be a day to treat yourself.

Spend time stimulating your own mind, be active, and ask yourself questions so you can plan a bigger and better future that gets you motivated.  Find your own self worth this Valentine’s Day and rediscover yourself at your own pace.  Your life will turn around as soon as you put yourself first when you need to most.

Pay attention to what you want out of life and understand that no one can be as loving towards yourself as you can, and guess what, it’s your choice!


Overall, Valentine’s Day is very unique. It’s a day with many clichés that may make you cringe, but it doesn’t have to.  It can be a day where you dedicate it towards your partner, yourself, your relationship, and even if you just want to spend it with yourself, you can.

So many people tend to overthink this extravagant holiday when you don’t need to, the important thing to remember, whether you’re in a relationship or single, is you deserve to feel happy and to be loved.  You are worthy of everything in your life and that should motivate you to take better care of your health and mental health.

Are you ready to change your life now?


Author Bio: Dwayne Austin is a multi-faceted blogger. Through his meticulous and informative blogging, Dwayne hopes to contribute articles for curious readers. He aims to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. Connect with Dwayne via Facebook and Twitter.