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Mental Health Connecticut is a member of Community Health Charities of New England. Both organizations are committed to advancing health and wellness in the workplace. MHC provides educational workshops at places of businesses, big and small, on behalf of Community Health Charities throughout the State. Employers choose the mental health topic that best addresses the needs of their employees. Topics cover a wide range from stress in the workplace, to anticipating the loss of a job, to dealing with children and older adult parents at the same time, to learning how to plan for life in retirement. Positive mental health energizes the workplace and increases productivity. Please contact Ruth Lutz at to arrange an educational workshop.

becoming a senior doesn’t mean that life is over, it’s just beginning!
This video is Mary Maxwell speaking at the Home Instead Caregiver of the Year Dinner. We’ve never met Ms. Maxwell, but she’s our kind of Lady!

All seniors want to find the key to a happy and content life, during those well-deserved years when older adults finally have the freedom to enjoy new and lifelong interests. We at MHC can help seniors do just that by offering Stay Healthy: Avoiding Pitfalls Along the Way workshops.

These workshops are presented at senior centers, assisted living and senior housing communities Requesters can choose from the following topics:

Promoting Our Mental Health/Stress Management
Practice mental health “strengthening” skills including relaxation techniques, “new ways of thinking” tools and resiliency strategies.

Life Transitions for Older Adults: Moving forward with our lives.
Transitions are challenging times. Learn about the stages of a transition and practice helpful coping strategies.

Later Life Anxiety: Strategies for Healthier Living
Learn about anxiety and the signs and symptoms of five disorders. Gain information about beneficial treatments and practice reduction skills.

It’s More Than the Blues: Depression and Today’s effective Treatments
Learn signs and symptoms, some unique to older adults, and how depression differs from “the blues.” Become informed about today’s effective treatments and ways to support our mental health.

We can also tailor workshops to address particular needs.

Relaxation exercises are creatively incorporated into all workshops. The exercises are done by the seniors in their chairs and can be easily adapted for those who have physical limitations, showing seniors how they can learn to relax and clear their minds of stressful thoughts and reduce anxiety.

about mental health

Mental health and wellness are integral to whole health. However, it is not uncommon for people to experience times in their lives or in the lives of their loved ones when optimal mental health is unattainable. In fact, one in four people will experience a mental illness sometime during their life.

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About Mental Health


Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) is committed to educating people about mental health and wellness through community forums, workshops, materials and events. MHC believes our communities will attain whole health through information, tools and skill-building that promote understanding and acceptance.

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Assist with administrative tasks and external correspondence designed to educate the community about mental health issues, as well as other volunteer positions at our organization.

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Get the latest information on upcoming events and opportunities in the community.

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