Month: June 2021

Help Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) Win $10,000 IMPACT Award Grant!

Contributed by: Brayden Ransom, Communication and Marketing Assistant, Mental Health Connecticut For the second year in a row, the Red Sox Foundation has named Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) as a finalist eligible to win the $10,000 IMPACT Award grant! The 2021 IMPACT Awards will continue to focus on organizations that have demonstrated deep impact in raising… Read more »

Cause of Addiction: Nature vs. Nurture

Contributed by: Victoria Walsh (guest contributer) Is addiction a genetic thing, or does it all come down to environmental factors? Many have been looking for an answer to that question for years; discovering the truth may help those suffering find the best possible cure.  If genes cause addiction, could medication be used to help stop… Read more »

Join MHC At The Torrington Civil Rights Mural Unveiling For Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth! Multiple Torrington organizations have joined forces to create the Torrington Civil Rights Mural, and we invite you to join Mental Health Connecticut and our Mending Arts program at the unveiling today (Saturday, June 19th) happening at 1 p.m. at 42 Water St. We are proud to celebrate with our communities today and know… Read more »

MHC Heading to DC to Present at MHA’s 2021 Annual Conference: From Resiliency to Recovery

This week, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) staff are heading to Washington, DC to present at Mental Health America (MHA’s) 2021 Annual Conference: From Resiliency to Recovery. Each year the (MHA) Annual Conference brings together MHA affiliates, community stakeholders, peers, caregivers, providers, government officials, media, and more from across the country to discuss important and emerging mental… Read more »