Month: May 2021

Day #14: Mental Health Screenings

Our national affiliate, Mental Health America (MHA), is a leader in providing mental health screenings to the public, being among the most commonly used mental health screening tools in clinical settings. Since 2014, these clinically validated collection of screenings have been used by nearly 7.5 million individuals. Anonymous, confidential, and free – these online screenings… Read more »

Day #13: Practicing Gratitude

by: Brayden Ransom Gratitude is a self-care practice that we can do anywhere, anytime. Like many self-care tools we’re featuring this #31DaysOfWellness, Practicing Gratitude can be done in a multitude of ways, so finding what works for you may require some experimentation. When we discuss gratitude we want to make sure not to be too… Read more »

Day #12: Journaling

A Tool in the Toolbox by: Betsy Williams I began journaling when I was a teenager. I wrote in my blank book when I wanted to express what I was feeling. Writing in a journal would fill large blocks of time for me as I stared at the blank pages of my journal. Years later… Read more »

Day #11: Support Groups

Do You Have Enough Support? by Diane Plourde Have you ever felt you were all alone in your struggles? Do you sometimes feel you are the only one going through a particular difficult situation? Do you wish you had someone to talk to that knew exactly what you were going through or has lived firsthand… Read more »

Connecticut Historical Society Presents “Common Struggle, Individual Experience: An Exhibition About Mental Health”

This fall, the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) will present an exhibition about mental health in Connecticut. Their hope is that individual stories and perspectives from both the past and present will help all of us understand people’s lived experience with mental health conditions and mental health care. “Understanding how people have struggled with mental health… Read more »