Month: September 2017

Great Exercises for Boosting Mental Wellness

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Your body and your mind are closely linked, and finding harmony between the two is essential to one’s overall wellbeing and personal fitness. We all know the many benefits of exercising and can oftentimes see and feel the results on our bodies. Yet, research by Connecticut’s public health commission determined that only half of adults… Read more »

Mind Over Matter: How to Understand Your Emotional Health

Contributed by Todd Griffin, TG Psychology Do you recognize the difference between emotional and physical health? Do you know where you stand when it comes to your personal mental health? Hardly ever considered as important as physical health, most of the people have trouble getting in touch with their emotions and feelings. Emotionally healthy people… Read more »

How to Conquer the Mental Side of Weight Loss

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Losing weight is a challenge that nearly millions of people all over the world struggle with. Without a healthy mind set, losing weight may leave a negative impact on your mental health. With nearly 70% of Americans being overweight or obese, 77% of Americans are attempting to try and lose weight…. Read more »

How Isolation Impacts Mental Health

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood When did you last say hello to your neighbor? Each day, thousands of Connecticut residents suffer from social isolation. Whether it’s a lonely high school student, a stay-at-home mother, or a senior in a care facility, isolation from others negatively affects individuals of any age or background. But humans are social… Read more »