MHC Recognizes Longevity of Staff

At the recent all-staff meeting, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) President and CEO Luis Perez recognized staff who has been with the organization for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. These milestones are significant to the organization. They underscore the commitment of staff to the Agency, the continuity of services for the people served, and the efforts of executive staff to create an environment where people want to work.

It is only through the commitment of qualified and dedicated staff that MHC can achieve its mission of improving mental health for all and fulfilling its vision of providing the services and supports that contribute to mentally healthy communities across Connecticut. To this end, we would like to congratulate the staff who achieved major milestones this year and thank all staff for working every day to achieve MHC’s mission!

Thank you, All!

Staff Recognition Photos