Forging the Bond Between Mind, Body and Work

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Contributed by: Jane Sandwood

Investing in your own mental health is critical, no matter what industry you work in. You need to make sure you’re in a place of peace mentally and emotionally if you want to give your all to your company. The way you care for your mental health directly affects every aspect of the workplace, including those you work with and the quality of your effort. When you make the decision to invest in yourself, you are rewarded with an improved work ethic. From resetting the brain during vacation to simple daily affirmations, investing in yourself mentally benefits you regularly.

Begin With the Self
Understanding who you are and what helps you be productive is the beginning of investing in your own improved mental health. Take a moment to reflect honestly on your strengths and weaknesses. What do you do best? Where can you improve? Take mental inventory of your surroundings and how you can make them better to increase your productivity. Review your attitude regarding work, and make changes where necessary. Learn to allow yourself to feel pride over achievements. View mistakes as learning opportunities, not necessarily as flaws. Investing in yourself mentally at work must begin with an improvement in how you view yourself in the workplace.

Learn Balance
While it’s okay, and smart, to pat yourself on the back, learn to maintain balance. People with a healthy mindset remember that humility must balance pride, and work must balance play. Know what you can do, and practice some humility when you reach beyond your abilities. Be proud and happy, but take compliments with a grain of humility and a simple thank you. Outside work, know what helps you relax and let go of the day. Consider the stress of the workplace to be an imaginary layer of dust on your shoulders. How do you brush away that dust? Whether it’s exercise, reading, cooking, or talking to the kids, find a way to balance work with play. You’ll be better mentally prepared for each challenge when you give your brain a chance to relax.

The time needed to take care of yourself mentally is time invested in your future. You are giving to your company by ensuring that you are mentally able to handle the daily challenges. You’re giving yourself job security through your relaxation techniques, as you will not burn out as fast as others. You are also investing in yourself, as you will find your overall physical health improves with your mental health.