12 Ways To Rewire Your Brain During Vacation

Contributed by: Luke Carter, Mental Health Writer, Nootrina.com

When the going gets tough, even the toughest need to pause everything and just take a break. As cliché as it may sound, everyone really does need a vacation every now and then because life is never easy, and the mountain is always piling up.

A lot of us have had that feeling – the feeling of wanting to just run away from responsibilities and just relax, without a care or worry in the world. However, even when vacation time does come along, a lot of us still have an array of worries that go along with us. Can a vacation be truly relaxing when the mind is perplexed and preoccupied? Does the whole point of a vacation become null and void if we’re not de-stressing and coming back rejuvenated?

Even the sharpest brains need a little recovering to truly become better and come back stronger, and a vacation is the best possible time to do this.

Here’s how:

Keep work aside

No matter how important it may seem, as much as possible, keep work and work worries and aside. Allow yourself to detach from professional commitments just for a while and focus on yourself. As important as focusing on work is, focusing on self-healing and growth is also just as important and vital for you.

Relaxing literature

Studies have shown that reading books on meditation, relaxation and positive thinking can have a very strong effect on mental health and feeling good on the inside. Positivity is a vibe that starts in the mind and automatically translates to the body. When you think positive, you feel positive, and what’s better than feel-good literature?

Get a massage/spa

Spas are meant to rejuvenate your tired body. In fact, with all the routine and schedules that you follow, a massage will open up knots that you didn’t even know were troubling you and make you feel both relieved and calm on the inside. There’s no better time than during a vacation to let the mind rejuvenate! 

Try something new

What could “something new” be? Absolutely anything! Explore a new place, try out an activity that you haven’t before, forget any inhibitions you might have, start saying “yes” more and be as spontaneous as you can. The best part about being in a new place is that you don’t know anyone there, so it’s probably the best time for you to be fearless and experimental. 

Interact with new people

A new place also means new people, new culture, and new atmosphere. A lot of us might prefer to keep to ourselves when we’re on vacation and probably interact with a minimal amount of people, but if you could go out and try to interact with whoever crosses your path, there’s nothing like it! The scope of meeting new people and learning new things actually helps your mind open up and grow in the right direction. Knowledge is always a boon.

Exercise – swim, walk, run

Agreed, vacation is about relaxing and not exerting yourself, but there’s a thin line between relaxing and becoming lethargic. When lethargy sets in, even your mind begins to shut down and you tend to feel tired all the time. Keep your brain cells active by indulging in some form of exercise, whether it’s a refreshing morning jog or run, a quick swim in the pool (or the sea, if you’re near a beach) and you’ll notice how your mood is elated and you’re ready to make the most of the remainder of your day.

Eat good food

Believe it or not, food can be therapeutic. Due to a busy and hurried lifestyle, we often tend to compromise on quality and quantity of food. However, when it’s during a vacation, there’s ample time to pick and choose what we eat. So, go ahead! Indulge, try new dishes, eat to your heart’s content and your mind will automatically feed itself with happy and positive vibes. 

Enjoy your company

Whether you’re holidaying with friends or family, always remember to cherish every moment. Enjoy the people you’re with, share each experience with them and, consequently, it becomes a shared effort to feel renewed and revived.

Let loose and have fun

Really, just have a lot of fun! You don’t have any judgments or people to worry about. In a foreign place, there are a lot of new things to experience. It’s a proven fact that a happy and content mind translates to a healthy and content body. When your mind and body are in sync, the sky’s the limit! So, let loose and be spontaneous. 

Take pictures/videos for memories

When you’re back home after your vacation, pictures and videos are the best way to keep the happy memories alive. When you see something that makes you smile, take a picture of it. Take videos of even the smallest things that you know you’d want to look back at. You can never have too many good memories. 

Keep excessive technology aside

Remember though, since we live in a very tech savvy age, that technology must never get the better of you. Unless it’s really necessary, keep social media and gadgets aside. Make use of this time to soak in nature and look beyond your screens! 

Take enough rest

In the end, a tired mind needs a lot of rest. Rest doesn’t just mean hours and hours of sleep. Rest means putting all your worries aside, letting your mind breathe and keeping stress away. Easier said than done, that’s a fact, but it’s all about how much you understand that everyone deserves some rest time.

In the end, it’s important for us to remember that both the mind and body need rest, irrespective of how many things may be troubling us. So, if you’ve got a vacation on the cards, prepare yourself to rewire, rewind, relax and come back as a brand new version of yourself.