“Bring us with you wherever you go. Tell us your hopes, worries, and dreams and trust that they are held safe, always. We all deserve a safe space to share our stories.”
– MHC StoryKeepers

There is a Mayan tale that tells the story of Princess Ixmucane. One day her father the sun god granted her a special power that allowed her to solve any problem a human could experience. In the highlands of Guatemala, small dolls were created in her image called worry dolls. By telling your problems to your worry doll and placing it under your pillow at night, the doll would take all your worries away as you slept, just like Princess Ixmucane. Generation after generation have passed down this tradition and worry dolls are still used today in homes, hospitals, schools, and even in therapy sessions to manage anxiety and prevent insomnia.

We believe the spirit of Princess Ixmucane is alive and well in all of us. What if, like the Princess, we took more time to help others feel heard and seen?

Inspired by this tradition, MHC is asking you to pledge to be a “StoryKeeper.” Much like the Princess and worry dolls, StoryKeepers are skilled listeners, ready to hold the untold stories of the world. They provide a safe space for others to experience non-judgmental listening. In a way, MHC staff can be seen as “storykeepers.” Our staff are highly trained in person-centered care and mindful listening. We know the power of this work and we believe that each of us has the ability to be a Storykeeper in our communities!

How about you?

become a StoryKeeper
Do you believe that everyone deserves a safe space to share their truth? Take the pledge to become a StoryKeeper in your community. As an MHC StoryKeeper, you pledge to Be There for those who need someone to talk to, Listen with an open heart, without judgement, and Protect the stories people share with you.

By taking this pledge, you are partnering with Mental Health Connecticut to create safe spaces in your community that support long-term health and wellness.

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