education services

    Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) understands the value of education as it relates to fulfilling personal goals, gaining future competitive employment, and engaging in meaningful activities that promote life purpose. To this end, MHC offers supported education services through its Lifelong Learning Supported Education (LLSE) program, which are designed to provide the supports that people with mental health conditions may need to earn their high school diplomas, GEDs, certificates of learning, and college degrees.

    supports include:

    • Assisting with completing applications
    • Assisting with obtaining funding, including Pell Grant applications, scholarships, and student loans
    • Giving school tours
    • Attending appointments with enrollment staff and/or advisors
    • Obtaining access to school resources, including book stores, libraries, tutors, and learning annexes
    • Assisting with gaining or regaining study skills
    • Providing connections to tutoring services
    • Continuing support throughout the learning process

    Life-long learning goals are determined by individual participants and are supported by MHC staff through Individual Recovery Plans.

    To learn more about MHC’s Lifelong Learning Program, please call 203-757-5431.


    MHC offers a variety of programs and services to promote recovery for people with mental illnesses in our communities, including residential services, supported and transitional employment, supported education, psychosocial rehabilitation, peer support services and case management. In addition to the statewide office in West Hartford, MHC offers programs and services in Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury and West Hartford.

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