Connecticut Historical Society Presents “Common Struggle, Individual Experience: An Exhibition About Mental Health”

This fall, the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) will present an exhibition about mental health in Connecticut. Their hope is that individual stories and perspectives from both the past and present will help all of us understand people’s lived experience with mental health conditions and mental health care.

“Understanding how people have struggled with mental health throughout history helps us support ourselves and each other today.”  – Ben Gammell, Director of Exhibitions, CT Historical Society.

Letters, photographs, and other artifacts from the CHS collection, and from other historical archives, will help share the experiences of Connecticans from the past, and video interviews will share the perspectives of people today. These stories will be presented within exhibit themes that explore how society has sought and continues to seek to understand and care for the mind and mental health.

Our President & CEO, Luis B. Perez met with Ben Gammell on May 6, 2021, MHC’s “Founder’s Day” and 113th anniversary, to discuss this exhibit and reflect on evolution of mental health reform through the years. Watch their discussion and stay tuned for more details on this exciting exhibit, coming this fall.