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Mental Health Connecticut serves nearly 1,000 individuals in the state of Connecticut each and every day. MHC cares about the mental health and well-being of every Connecticut resident. As advocates, educators, and service providers, we at MHC support hope for our clients and our communities across the state. Please join us in supporting hope by making a donation today.

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John’s Mental Health First Aid Story

“I am learning to be ok with who I am and finding myself thanks to this place and the staff and members.”

“During the short time that I’ve been attending the Independence Center, I discovered that I am an artist.  I shared several of my recent drawings and my recovery story for the Celebration of Hope.  Currently I have been introduced to many new mediums to express myself through art.  With all of these new mediums being introduced to me my head is exploding with new ideas!” 

Becca Atkins of Artreach, performer at MHC’s 2016 Art of Wellbeing: Laughing for Good

“Mental Health CT has been a meaningful part of my life. They have assisted me in gaining employment with Home Depot. I have been an employee at Home Depot for 7 ½ years. I am very happy there and have been awarded the Homer Award 8 times. In the past I had struggled to keep a job long term and now I am proud of myself for being a good employee. Besides the Choices work services program Mental Health Connecticut has assisted me residentially as well. I had lived with my mom who helped tremendously but after she passed I was able to move into MHC supervised apartment program in Waterbury. I lived there for a number of years in which they assisted me to learn life skills to become independent. I had graduated from that program and now participate in the residential support program. MHC helped me find an apartment that I love and am very happy at. My family, church, doctors and activities are within 10 minutes from my home. MHC staff assists me in participating in socialization activities, help me grocery shop and learn new skills. I feel blessed by my family, work and supports that I have. I would recommend Mental Health CT to anyone in need of their support.”

“Coming to the Independence Center saved my life. I honestly believe without the support structure and love I have experienced here, I would either be in a long term facility or dead.”

“It is extremely heartwarming to come in and share our lives in so many ways. I truly love this place.”

“Since 1982, the IC has been a vital force in my life. [The] IC has been a faithful witness to my potential as a human being and struggling with my mental illness and recovery. They have been a vital force to see me through religious, social, and economic difficulties when some others put me down. I love the IC because there is a paternal nurturing and compassionate respect here that I have not received anywhere else.”

Mending Art program of the Independence Center is providing an important outlet for its members.

“I like being able to be open and express myself without stigmatism.”

“The IC helped me by teaching me patience and the value of friendship. The IC dedicates their time to making things good for the client by running self-help groups on numerous topics per day. I have learned a lot about myself through these recovery groups. I’ve also learned how to utilize the tools that I learn in these recovery groups so that I’m able to cope with stressors on the outside.”

“Due to the LLSE (Lifelong Learning) I’ll be signing up for the spring semester at NVCC to take Spanish language courses. I haven’t been in school since 1970. I’m very thankful and grateful to have a place to go.”

“I have been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety, and personality disorder. I have suffered from this condition for over 40 years and have been to numerous mental health providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers since my teens. I have also been hospitalized twice for suicide attempts. I have been a member of the Independence Center for years and have found it to be a godsend. If not or the concerned and caring workers there, I would have given up long ago. The stigma of having a mental disorder is bad enough without having to deal with a system in which many of the workers are jaded, ambivalent, and treat your condition like a number and not a person. But at the IC, I have found caring and truly dedicated individuals who always have time to listen and that is the most important thing for those suffering from the myriad of conditions pertaining to mental disorders.”

“Mental Health Connecticut provides my son with a loving, secure, and enriching environment while at the same time increasing his social, vocational, and independent living skills. Its success in these endeavors is a testament to the dedication, skill, and empathy of its marvelous staff. Connecticut is most fortunate to have this precious resource both advocating on behalf of mental health and providing essential assistance to our neighbors, friends and relatives in need of its services. We all benefit from MHC’s noble and invaluable work.”

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