We at MHC recognize that self-care looks different for everyone. However, one thing is universal; the more tools you have in your toolkit, the better prepared you will be to access those tools as a means of prevention and intervention before reaching the point of distress. We also recognize the importance of self-care in bolstering our resilience and coping mechanisms. That’s why this year, we are leveraging our expertise and focusing our efforts on curated information from our staff, participants, and community partners.  

In the pursuit of maintaining good self-care, Carrie, a Yoga In Our City Teacher, beautifully articulates, “Self-care is not a one size fits all as it is completely personalized around you and your needs at the time. As one changes, grows, and evolves, your self-care changes to complement those needs. The beauty of self-care is that it can be shared with others or on your own to cultivate the best version of you!” Carrie’s words remind us that self-care is a dynamic journey, tailored to our individual growth and evolution. Whether shared with others or embraced solo, it’s a path towards nurturing the best version of ourselves.  

This Sunday, we are hearing from Jackie Davis, MHC’s Director of Workplace Mental Health and D.E.I.

YIOC began in 2012 in Hartford, Connecticut as a program of Civic Mind, a social enterprise specializing in community development. 

As its popularity grew, YIOC offered more classes in more places. New people and organizations began to support and shape our work, our goals, and our impact. Since then, YIOC has evolved from a humble weekly class to a statewide collaboration of mission-driven partners and supporters. MHC is a proud partner of YIOC.  

@yogainourcity launched their 2024 schedule for free Yoga In the Parks! Check it out here: https://yogainourcity.com/schedule/