One Step at a Time: How One Young Adult is Increasing Mental Health Awareness in Berlin, CT

By: Jacquilyn Davis, Executive Assistant, Mental Health Connecticut Meet Rachel Prior – Residential Support Assistant at HARC and fifth semester student at Goodwin College. Rachel is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Human Services and has a career goal of becoming a Psychologist. She began 2016 by seeking volunteer opportunities with organizations that aligned with her… Read more »

Teddy Lived His Life “the Way He Wanted Things to Be”

By: Deborah Holcomb – Social/Recreational Coordinator, Independence Center, Mental Health Connecticut There are so many success stories, but there’s one person when I think about recovery and success, and that’s Teddy. He passed away a few years ago, but he lived a pretty good life while he was a member at the Independence Center (Mental… Read more »

The Benefits of Nutritional Support in Addiction Recovery

Submitted by Mel Billings Alcoholism and drug addiction plays havoc with both mental and physical health, and while the mental health aspect is the one that’s often highlighted in recovery programs, exploring physical health can be beneficial for recovering addicts. In fact, many studies show that adding a nutritional element to addiction recovery programs can… Read more »

Stress Busting Tips For Recovering Addicts

Submitted by Mel Billings We live in a high-pressured nation where approximately 33% of people claim to live with extreme stress. For those in recovery from addiction, these figures can creep even higher as stress associated with recovery is realized. Alongside the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal, there may be great pressure from friends… Read more »