Welcome back to our Monday Motivation series, where we’re here to infuse your week with a final dose of inspiration and positivity for May. As we approach the end of the month, Mondays offer us a chance to reflect on our journey, refocus our intentions, and finish strong. Let’s dive into uplifting stories, empowering quotes, and actionable tips to ignite your mind, body, and spirit for the week ahead. 

Turning behaviors into habits can be a game-changer, so here’s a laid-back set of steps to help you make it happen: 

  1. Mix Fun in There: Inject some fun into your new habit. If it feels like a chore, you’re less likely to stick with it. Crank up the tunes, involve a friend, or do it in a way that makes you smile. 
  2. Find an Accountability Buddy: Share your goals with a friend or family member. Having someone to cheer you on and update on your progress can make all the difference. 
  3. Visual Reminders: Post sticky notes, set reminders on your phone, or create a vision board. Surround yourself with visual cues to keep your goal front and center. 

This week we are hearing from Elise Cusimano, RYT, Director of Teacher Success at Yoga In Our City about her tips on staying motivated.

Be Curious: 

More and more, I find I can surpass any resistance I encounter with a good dose of curiosity. What keeps me going on any given day’s project or challenge at hand is knowing there’s infinite possibility in perspective and approach. This attitude of curiosity is also a key attitude of mindfulness, grounded in presence and removed from fear. Today and every day, I choose to be curious not just for myself but for the betterment of the world I live in.  

 Navigate with Joy: 

So often, I find myself using fear as a motivational compass in life and work. Sometimes automatic yet often, a conscious choice. But in a moment of courage to change the course, I remember I have another compass with me to use if I choose. I take out this compass, the one that points toward true Joy. When I navigate with Joy, I find backroads for connection, follow streams of service, and cross paths with possibility. 

As we bid farewell to May, let’s approach the final Monday of the month with a sense of gratitude, determination, and purpose. By reflecting on our journey, revisiting our intentions, and embracing end-of-May energy, we can finish the month strong and set the stage for a successful June ahead. 

Thank you for tuning in for #MondayMotivation, whether you practiced turning behaviors into habits, shared our post, or created one of your own, you helped to spread some Monday motivation far and wide!  

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