#LetsFaceIt our mission to support the community is only made possible through community support itself.  

We are feeling extra grateful this #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth for the amazing donors and supporters of our #LetsFaceIt campaign, helping to support the launch of an arts and wellness program at the Hispanic Health Council’s (HHC) Family Wellness and Cultural Heritage Center in downtown Hartford 

This week we are shouting out a big thank you to… 

Lockton Companies is more than our benefits consultant, they have become an integral part of the Mental Health Connecticut family. 

The relationship began back in 2015 when AVP-Unit Manager Brenda Gothers began working with MHC’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Jill Currier, to develop the most comprehensive employee benefits package, while ensuring the benefits remain affordable and support MHC’s culture. Recently, when MHC moved its administrative offices to Farmington, Lockton became our neighbors, with their Connecticut office located just across the hall! 

“Thanks to Lockton, we have been able to elevate and greatly improve not only MHC’s benefit offerings, but also the communications and education we are able to provide so staff can better understand the value and get the most benefit from the programs we offer,” says Jill Currier, Chief Human Resource Officer, “Many service providers say they want to support or partner with their clients but once the business has been won, there is little action taken in that regard. Not Lockton, “she says, “time and time again, Bill Husic and his team have demonstrated that they walk the talk when it comes to being a supportive partner organization.” 

“They have shown their commitment to partnering with MHC not just in ongoing financial/fundraising support or in advocating on MHC’s behalf in renewal negotiations, but by truly understanding what we do, why we do it and then then offering support whether by introductions or actions,” says Currier. For example, during COVID, MCH staff were deemed essential healthcare workers and required to provide on-site services. At that time, PPE was scarce, and MHC was working hard to find what we needed to keep our staff safe. Bill Husic reached out unsolicited and provided MHC with donated face shields and other PPE that was greatly needed. Actions like these, truly make Lockton part of the MHC family and a valued partner in our success. 

Bill Husic, Lockton President of the Hartford Office and Lockton Companies Northeast has been a great friend to MHC over the years and a big champion for mental health awareness, particularly in the workplace. Since the relationship began, Lockton has supported MHC with over $8,000 of sponsorships and donations.   

“At Lockton, our team believes in mental health as a priority for all. Supporting MHC, and their efforts to defeat stigma and ensure all Connecticut residents have access to resources, is work that needs to be supported and championed by business leaders and everyone in our communities,” said Bill.  

Lockton has been a proud sponsor of Mental Health Awareness Month, as well as several past events that our associates attended and inspired by stories about mental well-being. Some include: Laughing for Good in 2016, Art of Wellbeing: An Evening of Jazz, Hope, and Healing in 2017, and Art of Wellbeing: A Time to Dance in 2018, and a Yoga and Paint Night in 2019. In response to COVID-19, the Lockton People Solutions team delivered face shields to MHC’s administration office to help their healthcare heroes service their clients on the front lines of care. A great partnership! 

Lockton Companies is a worldwide insurance, people solutions and retirement services business with a Farmington, CT location and is a proud sponsor of MHC’s #LetsFaceIt campaign. 

Thank you, Lockton, for the partnership and support throughout the years!  

To learn more about Lockton,visit: https://global.lockton.com/us/en  

To join Lockton and support the #LetsFaceIt campaign, visit: https://mhconn.networkforgood.com/projects/188677-letsfaceit-2023-24