For Mental Health Awareness Month 2023, we took to our backyard to asked staff, participants and other members of the community how they face hard things, here’s is what they had to say:



We know that a journey to mental wellbeing does not have to be faced alone. We also know that stigma loses power when we face it head on.

While sharing these stories in May, MHC is asking community members to support the expansion of its award-winning arts and wellness programming at The Family Wellness and Cultural Heritage Center. Through a partnership with the Hispanic Health Council (HHC), MHC will bring the Art of Wellbeing, a wellness program covering a multitude of creative outlets, to Hartford. The HHC’s vision of ensuring Hispanics and other diverse populations reach their fullest potential and achieve a healthy and fulfilled life aligns with MHC’s vision of creating a future where wellbeing is rooted in respect for the condition of being human and our mission of creating environments that support long-term health and wellness. Both organizations believe that fostering individual creative expression in safe, supportive spaces results in healthy, vibrant communities.

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