All Together Now: Virtual Hugs and #31DaysOfWellness in Review – Day #28

Contributed by Suzi Craig, Chief Strategy Officer

Being around others is good for your health.

In 2018, Cigna released the findings of a research report surveyed more than 20,000 adults to study the impact and root causes of loneliness. The survey determined that loneliness is an epidemic in the U.S., particularly with younger generations.

That was two years ago. So, what about now?

It’s quite possible that those who have never experienced a deep sense of disconnection and isolation are surely feeling it now. Are you? If you’re feeling isolated, what have you done to help ease these painful feelings?

So, let’s share a virtual hug! For this last #ThrowbackThursday of the month, we hosted a virtual meeting to revisit the importance of social connections and recap #31DaysofWellness and the ways that we explored different paths to wellness. MHC’s Chief Experience Officer, Remi Kyek, MA, MFT joined us to answer questions and provide advice for finding ways to stay socially connected while still being physically distanced.

Check out the recording to hear a recap of #31DaysofWellness from MHC’s Development Committee Co-Chair, Laureen, learn some helpful tips on how to combat feelings of social isolation from Remi, and listen to how members of our community are dealing with anxiety, loneliness, and the day to day changes we are all facing during this pandemic.

As May wraps up, MHC will continue to navigate how we can support our efforts in being #alonetogether. We hope you join us!