Day #12: Journaling

A Tool in the Toolbox
by: Betsy Williams

Betsy Williams

I began journaling when I was a teenager. I wrote in my blank book when I wanted to express what I was feeling. Writing in a journal would fill large blocks of time for me as I stared at the blank pages of my journal.

Years later while I was raising children and wearing many hats, I had a life changing experience that emphasized the value and importance of each precious day.

I needed to journal again and wanted to feel the comfort of writing in a journal but did not have the luxury of time I once had.

Jiffy Journal was born. I created a unique journaling format that is a quick, easy way to acknowledge feelings, guide behavior and build a history of valuable information.

We are excited to help MHC reach their MHC@Home Fundraising Goal by donating 15% of all Jiffy Journal sales to MHC during the month of May.

Journaling is a wonderful form of self-care.

Jiffy Journal is a great self-care tool.


Enjoy a self-care tool and help Mental Health Connecticut
reach their fundraising goal!

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Did you know?
Did you know that people that journal about significant life events have reported more satisfaction with their lives and better mental health over those that did not? Our national affiliate, Mental Health America, put together a great resource for navigating big life changes for their #Tools2Thrive campaign. Check out their tips for processing change and how writing in a journal can help: