Month: May 2019

What Would Clifford Beers Do? – Day #6

Thanks to Clifford Beers, the roots of advocacy run deep at MHC. Although not well known outside of the mental health and addiction world, Clifford Beers is often referred to as the “grandfather of recovery.” What does that mean? “Recovery” is inside baseball for those of us in the field, but it has become the… Read more »

Coming Together is Good for You – Day #4

At MHC and in the non-profit world in general, we talk a lot about “community.” Community is a word that means a lot of different things to different people. For some, being in community with others is instantly healing. The connection with other humans, an experience you have together, or conversations that help you see… Read more »

Food Is Medicine for Our Bodies and Brains – Day #3

Tonight, some of Mental Health Connecticut’s team will join our friends at Healing Meals at Auer Farm for “Feed Your Brain,” a community dinner where the main course is a discussion on how food is medicine for our mental, as well as physical, health. Healing Meals is based in central Connecticut. Their passionate and dedicated… Read more »

The Art of the Start – Day #2

If you are meeting Amy Smith for the first time and she is talking about MHC’s Mending Art program, it’s quite possible that she will mention the word “sketchbooks” at a minimum of 13 times during your conversation. Sketchbooks are essential to many artists. Like a guitar pic for guitarists or measuring tape for a… Read more »