Hope For Recovery Vigil

May 21, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Warner Theatre
68 Main St
CT 06790

Mental Health Connecticut is a proud supporter of the Hope for Recovery Vigil 

Mental Wellness and Addiction Awareness Celebration

Join together and embrace creative expressions from citizens of our community and experience ways to triumph over stigma and isolation. 

The Hope For Recovery Vigil Experience will include creative expressions of:

  • Music and Poetry
  • Short essays of experience, strength and hope;
  • Art work and Jewelry with personal statements of how it supports recovery;
  • Recognition Awards to persons in recovery, family members, community; businesses / organizations embracing recovery;
  • Informational tables that support the messages given in the creative expressions.

All of the creative expressions of recovery will be from people who embrace the challenges and are willing to share their triumphs.

The message from this event will directly or indirectly complement a recent recovery challenge from the Honorable Mayor Carbone, during an October 2018 World Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Walk held in Torrington CT.

The recovery challenge reads as follows:

  • To understand mental wellness through personal relationship, personal productivity, and by creating opportunities to face and change adversity.
  • To accept people with mental illness and/or addiction into your family, friendships, jobs, organizations, city schools, housing, or appropriate medical treatments.
  • To address stigma regarding the community opiate crisis, mental illness, suicide, and loneliness so that we embrace each individual with respect and dignity for the sake of healing and the right to live.

You are invited to live these principles by loving each other so that this becomes the fabric of our unity, for this is how we will overcome despair and flourish.