May 17, 2019 all-day

One of MHC’s newest programs, GROW (Gardening, Recovery, and Opportunities for Wellness) is a skills building and wellness program that also grows healthy food for our program participants. Led by our in-house gardener, Grayson Colarusso, GROW continues to do just that – grow across the state!

Participants in this program learn the art of gardening – from planting seeds to caring for the garden or greenhouse at their facility. Culinary classes are also incorporated into this program to show how to utilize crops for healthier eating.

GROW relies on the generosity of our funders (like you) who know the importance of skills building programs that not only teach our program participants a skill, but provide a purpose and motivational activity that they can invest in. People with mental health conditions benefit from connecting to nature and being responsible for the plants. As Grayson says, “You grow as a person with the vegetables you’re growing. The stability of a garden is healing as well. A garden is always there. It’s not going to question or judge you. It’s just going to be there for you.”

Want to help us GROW?
MHC is seeking donors to purchase materials needed to help the program provide for all of its greenhouses and gardens across the state. The GROW program has greenhouse locations in Torrington and Bridgeport and outdoor gardens in Torrington and Waterbury. GROW also has three state of the art hydroponic systems in Danbury and is planning to build its next greenhouse in Stamford at our Walton Place facility.

Thanks to our friends at the AmazonSmile Foundation, you also now have the option of making an in-kind donation to our program by purchasing much needed supplies on Amazon and having them shipped directly to our program staff! (Note: You will need to log into your personal amazon account to view the wish list.)


If you prefer to make a monetary donation to this program, click here and be sure to “apply your donation” to GROW by selecting it from the drop down menu.

About GROW
MHC’s goal is to improve the health, wellbeing and work skills of our program participants, while producing fresh vegetables, herbs, and plants for under-served communities in Connecticut’s urban areas.