Using Exercise for a Boost: The Expectant Mom and Her Mental Health 

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Around 1/3 of postpartum depression cases actually begin during the pregnancy itself. In recent years, many healthcare professionals and mothers have come forward to say that pregnancy is anything but a serene and joyous occasion. An expecting mothers’ health does not just refer to her physical fitness; it’s about her mental well-being, too…. Read more »

Opinion Piece: 5 Ways to Stop Deaths of Despair

Contributed by: Matthew Boyle The world can feel like an overwhelming place. Without delving too deep into politics, let’s just say that sometimes it can seem like the amount of good in the world is at a disproportionate size to the amount of bad. In the United States alone, we’re seeing a confluence of signs… Read more »

The Mental Impact of Chronic Pain & How to Deal with It

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Today, nearly 1 in 10 Americans have experienced long-term pain at some point in their lives. During a 2006 study by the Journal of Pain Medicine, 77% of individuals who experienced chronic distress claimed to show signs of depression. When patients are focused on alleviating their physical pain, they tend to neglect… Read more »

Who Says Running and Being Healthy Can’t Be a Team Sport?

This past weekend, Michael Lo Presti, creator and organizer of the CT Trailmixers (among other things), hosted a fundraiser for Mental Health Connecticut that took the question we’ve been asking all year – “What Moves Wou?” – to a whole new level. Michael and friends from his running circles decided to run 55+ miles across Connecticut… Read more »

Mental Health – Caring For The Carers

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Every day, Connecticut’s 55,000 highly-trained nurses provide the expert care and medical expertise to provide continuity to the injured and chronically ill. However, with the huge demand placed on nurses, their own problems can sometimes fall to the wayside. It’s little surprise that one study, conducted on a selection of Australian… Read more »