Practicing Pilates to Improve Mental Health

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood It’s no secret that practicing Pilates is good for your physical health, helping to strengthen and tone muscles. More than a quarter of a million Americans practice Pilates to keep their body looking and feeling its best. Many people, however, don’t consider the mental benefits of Pilates. The practice emphasizes breathing, focus, and… Read more »

Thinking Clearly When Depression Hits

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood If you’re a typical white collar worker, you probably spend more than half your workday receiving and processing information. 60 million Americans work in the knowledge sector, which has led to a crisis of brain fog: that feeling of being unable to think straight due to information overload. These jobs are associated with… Read more »

Aquatherapy: How Swimming Could be a Key to Better Mental Health

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood While the benefits of swimming for physical health are obvious — strong muscles, better stamina, and improved fitness —- it can also be just as important for mental health, too. In fact, just one hour of exercise a week can protect against depression, a recent study in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows…. Read more »

Harness The Inner Artist To Help Heal The Mind

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Learn to shout with art: it can help free you from the turmoil inside your mind. One in six U.S. adults lives with a mental illness (44.7 million in 2016) at any one time.  Understanding the complexity of a mental illness can be a struggle and varies enormously from individual to individual. Self expression through art is… Read more »

The Negative Effect of Anxiety and Stress on Your Hair

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Around 1 in every 5 American adults (equating to 43.8 million) experience a serious mental health issue in any given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Of those affected by mental health concerns, about 9.8 million individuals have one or more major life activities hindered by their condition.  Mental… Read more »