Do Narcissism and Social Media Feed Off Each Other?

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood The excessive use of social media – in particular, going overboard with selfie posting – is associated with a 25% increase in narcissism, according to a study published in The Open Psychology Journal. In the study, researchers observed personality changes in over 70 people aged 18 to 34, for various months. They… Read more »

Surprising Ways Poor Accessibility Affects Mental Health

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood It is estimated that 132 million individuals need mobility assistance via wheelchair. With such a large amount of the population needing mobility help, one might think that wheelchair, walker, and electric scooters are always accommodated, but that’s unfortunately not the case. As a result of poor accessibility, some individuals that rely on… Read more »

Sparkly Teeth, Settled Minds: The Link Between Oral Hygiene and Mental Health

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Good health was previously thought to be related to staying physically fit through exercise but we now know that mental health plays a significant factor in your quality of life. A medical study of individuals with dental issues has reported a significant negative impact on their self-esteem. This, in turn, was detrimental to their mental… Read more »

Mental Health Connecticut’s #Be1of110 Campaign: Celebrating 110 Years

Our History On May 6, 1908, Clifford W. Beers founded Mental Health Connecticut (MHC), then known as the Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene. After years of cruel and inhumane treatment in CT mental health institutions, Beers achieved recovery and devoted his life to changing the mental health system. His autobiography, A Mind That Found Itself,… Read more »

Using Exercise for a Boost: The Expectant Mom and Her Mental Health 

Contributed by: Jane Sandwood Around 1/3 of postpartum depression cases actually begin during the pregnancy itself. In recent years, many healthcare professionals and mothers have come forward to say that pregnancy is anything but a serene and joyous occasion. An expecting mothers’ health does not just refer to her physical fitness; it’s about her mental well-being, too…. Read more »