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Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) helps thousands of individuals put hope into action. We believe long-term wellness and recovery is achievable for everyone. We help individuals obtain a safe home, activate whole health living, find fulfillment and purpose, and become an active member of the community.

MHC envisions a future where all individuals are treated fairly and can access the support they need to sustain long-term health and wellness. MHC’s advocacy efforts during each legislative session are both protective and proactive. To protect individuals, we combat legislation that could lead to discrimination or deny access to care. Proactively, we introduce or support legislation that increases access to care, challenges stigma, encourages preventative care, and elevates mental wellness to the same level of priority as physical wellness.

MHC’s 2019 Legislative Priorities
Insurance Parity
As the facilitator for the CT Parity Coalition (www.CTparitycoalition.org), MHC’s top priority for 2019 is to ensure residents achieve equity through health insurance coverage. The “parity bill” will reinforce CT’s current parity laws, ensuring that our state is in compliance with regulations set forth in the federal Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA).

Peer Support Services (and the expansion of other evidence-based programs and services that promote recovery)
Evidence-based programs, such as peer supports, supported employment and supported education, are instrumental in helping individuals achieve long-term wellness. Peer support continues to be highly effective in intervention and diversion initiatives in our state and across the country. MHC is working with several other non-profits and advocates to elevate the work of peers in recovery and wellness.

Social and Emotional Support (SEL) in Schools
Other states are passing legislation that requires schools to incorporate different SEL processes and curriculums. SEL allows for children to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that they’ll need to make successful choices. MHC believes an investment in SEL is an investment in prevention initiatives that will lead to improved health outcomes.

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It has never been easier to contact state and federal officials to educate them about mental health issues. By contacting your legislators and sharing your stories, experiences, and concerns, you can help MHC positively influence policies and laws impacting mental health services in our communities.

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Since 1908, MHC has been a leader in advocating for improved, expanded and accessible mental health services. Community-based services have proven to be effective in helping people with mental health conditions achieve recovery and live successfully in the community.

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Assist with administrative tasks and external correspondence designed to educate the community about mental health issues, as well as other volunteer positions at our organization.

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